Our law firm

AP4LEGAL is a cutting-edge legal firm founded in 2014 by professionals coming from main international law firms. It offers its customers a modern and in-depth approach to continually evolving issues.


The firm has developed groundbreaking technological tools internally and through important software-houses. These tools enable its customers to find their way in the world of tax issues, with an approach based on risk assessment from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. In a system characterised by an increasingly high level of difficulty, AP4LEGAL can offer its customers a multifaceted approach to deal with technical, legal and economic implications, as well as to make their own choices in terms of investments and asset organisation. AP4LEGAL applies this method to all sectors of activity: consulting services, relations with tax authorities and tax litigations. Thanks to this original and effective attitude, the firm aims at becoming a reference point for natural persons (High Net Worth Individuals), companies and financial operators.

The following 4 cardinal points constantly inspire AP4LEGAL’s professionals while dealing with their customers and they also represent the core values of their everyday activity:


PASSION: is the will to study, analyse and then check carefully once again, so that nothing can be taken for granted;


PROFESSIONALISM: is the intellectual honesty applied to the management of customer relations and problems, acting professionally and fairly, without any insecurity or arrogance in both fields of consulting and tax litigation;


SHARING: ongoing exchange and teamwork represent the preferred working method of all the firm’s professionals, as it allows meeting precisely every customers’ request, keeping them constantly up to date and informed about every single procedure concerning them.


PERSPECTIVE: maximum attention paid to the developments of the national and international corporate and tax environment. This multifaceted approach enables the firm to meet every new requirement of the modified regulatory environments with innovative methods and tools.


AP4LEGAL has gained a wide experience in the sector of Italian and international taxation, focusing mainly on all the issues linked to ownership and transfer of family assets and on the transnational relations involving companies.


The essential and sector-based organisation of the firm is driven by the will to achieve professional excellence aiming at granting every customer a constant and direct relation with the founding partners.